Pangdoranée (자연과미디어비엔날레)

Pangdoranée, Permanent Installation, KimNyoung, Jeju Island, Korea, 2015

* Collaboration with Ju-Yong Park(Scientist) + Byeong-Sam Jeon(Artist)

Pangdoranée is a compound word which means ‘Pangdol’, a large sitting stone to take a rest with taking down burden, and ‘’Anée’, a word meaning the inside in Korean. The project located on Olle Trail around Kim Nyoung-Lee, Jeju Island, represents a meaning of healing to encourage community people and tourists to relax at the inside of ‘Pangdol’. In other words, this project provides the public space for resting for everyone including community and tourists.

In terms of form, it produces familiar images through the atypical form and porosity coming from the formation process of basalt as an iconic motif. Meanwhile, for the inside, it was intended to be a shelter space to protect people from hot sun lights and strong winds around shoreline, as well as a community space to be filled with drawings by children from Kim Nyoung Elementary School. All panels composed with 52 modules have been designed to be planarized and optimized for prefabrication with workable scale, in consideration of simple assemblages at a geographically remote area. They have 649 pre-calculated perforations to have maximum porosity to minimize wind resistance, especially strong on this area.

Sponsors : posco (

Commission : Arts Council Korea, SCALe – Nature + Media Anualle

All Photos © Roh, Kyung