Ddoarimang (YAP 젊은건축가프로그램)

Ddoarimang, Final Lists Proposal for YAP (Young Architects Program) at MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art), Seoul Korea,2015

Traditional handicrafts were routine tasks for household items in Korea. ‘Ddoari’ is one of them made out of rice straws which are the massive by-products of rice productions. ‘Ddoarimang’ is the shading shelter using this traditional handicraft item, ‘Ddoari’, through cutting-edge computational technology in contemporary architecture. It provides novel experiences for people on the meeting points between the traditional and the present, the local and the global, the handicraft and the digitalcraft.

Each ‘Ddoari’ is specially customized with the reinforced steel plate and waterproofing vinyl, and straw finishes. Total eight ‘Ddoarimang’s are comprised of 2000 ‘Ddoari’s with computational patterns through catenary surface. Solid ‘ddoari’s will be added for the dynamic patterns optimized for shade and sitting platform, and structural resistances. Thus ‘Ddoarimang’ contains various outdoor activities for the public on the net surface such as sitting, resting, climbing, as well as for summer activities under the net surface such as waterplay and resting with rice cultivations using rice boxes. For construction, traditional handicrafts for straws and digital fabrication for steels will be collaborated. All straws used for the project will be recycled for compost, pellets, fodders. etc.