Interlacing Boundary (한국농촌건축대전국제공모)

Interlacing Boundary, Proposal for 10th Korea Rural Architecture Competition (UIA approved international architectural idea competition), Seoul Korea,2015


Through fast growing urbanization, the rural areas of Korea have been frozen in time in the past. Losing vitality caused by aging phenomenon and urbanization, on the other hand, the agricultural villages still keep past memories and familiarity to miss. We propose the new clothes for rural villages through the rediscovery of their memories.

Interlacing Boundary is the spatial clothes for communication and interaction. Interlacing Boundary is ‘past and present boundary’ and ‘generational boundary’, ‘the inside and outside boundary’ through the interlacing border as a transitional space. It dresses the existing buildings in the communicative clothes as the internal and the external skins.

For the senior center, we propose the internal skin for senior and communities. Dark and large space of the old warehouse is transformed to bright and warm semi-external space containing ‘Bang’ as the functional rooms. And the new building on front yard and circular walkway between two buildings interweave with the inside and the outside, and the seniors and the community.

The junior center wears the external skin for junior and communities. Disconnected and exclusive space of the existing junior center is partially reformed with spatial façade providing a space for people. It connects community physically and visually from the front road to the site, from the front yard to the building, and from the building to the village behind.